More than 100 welding procedures

5 200 2 of production space

4 ISO standarts in practice

Metalworking & Welding

Full range of processing services - engineering, planning, production, assembly, installation and quality control. Specialized and custom projects. We process stainless steels, DUPLEX, SUPER DUPLEX, TITANIUM and NICKEL alloys.

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Pipelines, tanks and custom equipment

CW Technics, SIA is a manufacturing company with more than 10 years of experience in the field of design, manufacture and installation of technological equipment for various industries. We specialize in the production of piping systems, tanks, reactors, bunkers, as well as other non-standard equipment made of stainless steel and alloys. During its operation, the company has proved itself as a responsible, professional and reliable partner.

The company's office and production plant are located in Latvia (Riga, Jelgava). Being successful and dynamic in development, the company has expanded its operation far beyond the Baltic States. The scope of our clients extends from Baltics to Europe, Scandinavia and CIS countries.

Our advantage is our sustained presence in the market, stable partnership with customers and suppliers and our production expertise.

Our development strategy is aimed at creating the stable and modern production, achieved through intellectual potential and competitiveness. We continuously train staff in order to improve staff qualifications. The park of technological equipment is constantly being updated and replenished with the purpose to improve the quality, speed up the production and reduce the costs of products and services. We are always ready to use innovative technologies and non-standard solutions.

The company is a trusted partner in metalworking. We are proud of our team of experienced specialists and an extensive fleet of equipment.


— Tanks production
— Pipelines production
— Heat exchangers production
— Reactors production
— Non-standard equipment

Industries served

— Chemical
— Mining
— Recycling
— Pharmaceutical
— Food production companies
— Woodworking

Steels & Alloys

— Austenitic stainless steels
— Austenitic/Ferritic stainless
      steels (Duplex,Superduplex,
— Titanium alloys
— Nickel alloys (Inconel, Monel,

  Services overview
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Full range of metalworking services

One of the priorities of our company is high quality of our products, which we achieve by proper production quality control applied on all manufacturing stages. Every project is managed and documented from stock material orders to final acceptance of a project.

Design engineering

Our company uses modern methods and tools for design and calculations - professional software such as SolidEdge, Autocad, Pass/Equip, Lauterbach Verfahrenstechnik Design & Engineering. We offer engineering services at any stage of design and manufacturing process.


We believe that successful projects are the result of careful planning and execution and have developed the procedures for the processes to run smoothly.


Our company has production facilities of 4500m2. We are specialists in the fields of welding production using special steels such as Duplex and Super Duplex, Titanium and Nickel alloys. The company has more than 100 certified welding procedures.


We have been assembling our equipment as well as an equipment manufactured by other companies. The assembling of an individual parts takes place either in our or client's facilities depending on the size of an equipment that is to be assembled.


We carry out transportation and installation of our equipment as well as of equipment manufactured by other companies. We carry out works both as a contractor and as a general contractor.


We provide operating and maintenance rules of the manufactured equipment and offer further maintenance and support services.

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Production equipment

Modern technologies, knowledge of our specialists, an integrated quality system and many years of experience in design engineering, manufacturing, assembling and installation of equipment, tanks and piping systems is the key of our success.

Our modern production in cooperation with the leading companies in their industries, allows us to ensure maximum product quality, elasticity and production speed.

During the time of its activity, the enterprise has managed not only to achieve the initially set goal, that is, to establish itself as a competent, responsible and executive company, but also to expand the range of services provided.


  • SAW(121-126) Automatic Submerged Arc Welding,
  • MIG(131) Arc Welding with Mechanized equipment in an Inert Gas environment,
  • MAG(135) Arc Welding with Mechanized equipment in an Active Gas environment,
  • TIG(141) Tungsten Inert Gas Arc Welding,
  • MMA(111) Manual Arc Welding

ESAB CaB 300 3x3 – SAW and MIG/MAG


  • SLaf 1001 Saw with welding head A2SF J1,
  • Mig 500i with welding head A2SG J1 4WD (MIG/MAG).

Flow Waterjet Cutting System MACH 500


  • Table size: 2000 mm x 6000 mm,
  • Max. plate thickness: 300 mm,

Saw Machine BOMAR Individual 620.460 GH

Cutting sizes:

  • 0° : Ø 460; Square 460; Rectangular 620x460,
  • 45°: Ø 420; Square 405; Rectangular 420x400,
  • 60°: Ø 275; Square 265; Rectangular 280x390.

4 Roll Plate Bending Machine FACCIN


  • Max. plate width 3050 mm,
  • Max. plate thickness 15 mm Stainless Steel,
  • Min. cylinder of Ø 455 mm for sheet of 10 mm,
  • Max. cylinder rolling Ø 5000 mm.

Hydraulic hight performance bending machine HACO ERM 30320


  • Max. bending length 3100 mm,
  • Capacity 3200 kN.

Hydraulic guillotine sheares HACO HSLX 4016


  • Max. cutting length 4050 mm,
  • Max. stainless steel sheet thickness 10 mm (special knife for stainless steel).

Profile and pipe bending machine AKYAPAK


  • Max. pipe bending Ø DN100 (Ø 114,3 mm),
  • Max. profile bending: HEA 120.

Profile and pipe bending machine AKYAPAK APK-180


  • Max. pipe bending Ø DN150 (Ø 168,3 mm),
  • Max. profile bending: HEA 180.

Rollerbed AKYAPAK


  • 5 Axes 10t each,
  • Max. Ø 5000 mm.

Conventional Welding Positioners AKYAPAK 5T and 1T


  • Max. load: 5000 kg0,
  • Table: Ø 1525 mm,
  • Length Overall (L): 1800 mm,
  • Height Overall (H): 1200 mm,
  • Width Overall (W): 1540 mm.

Double-sided Beveller UZ50 TRIUMPH Manipulator 3D


  • Cutting speed: 182 m/min,
  • Plate thickness: 7-80 mm,
  • Angle range: 150-600 (gradually).
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